Watch: A celebratory wedding procession carried out amid heavy snowfall in Himachal Pradesh

Published on : 01:15 PM Jan 25, 2022

An interesting video of a wedding procession being carried out amid heavy snowfall in the town of Chamba in Himachal Pradesh has surfaced. Regardless of the roads covered with about 4 feet of snow and the ongoing snowfall, the attendees did not lack even a tad bit of enthusiasm. The groom was seen being carried in a Palaquin (Palki). Others carried an umbrella and enjoyed the beats of the dhol and flute. Actually, in a wedding, a specific time is defined to carry out certain rituals, which is considered auspicious. If the rituals are not carried out at that time, the ceremony gets delayed. Therefore, with a will to reach on time for the 'Pheras', not even the thick sheets of snow or freezing temperatures could stop the groom.

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