People moved by buffalo's love towards calf in Chennai

Published on : 05:30 AM Jan 01, 1970

Mother's love is immortal and unconditional--surprisingly, animals, too, show the same amount of love and affection towards their offspring--a buffalo belonging to one Prashant Mohan of Tamil Nadu proved this right. The latter hails from the Porur area in ​​Chennai and rears buffaloes and sells their milk. One of the buffaloes, he is rearing had gone for grazing and there it gave birth to a calf. Following this, Prasanth Mohan, who wanted to bring the calf home, lifted it on a two-wheeler and left. Unaware of this, the mother buffalo chased him for fear of taking her calf elsewhere. The people, who witnessed the incident, were moved by the gesture of the mother buffalo.

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