Odisha migrant worker ends life by standing in front of train in Hyderabad

Published on : 12:07 PM Nov 22, 2021

A mentally unstable migrant worker ends life by standing in front of a train at Ramagundam Railway Station. A native of Odisha, he was working in a hardware shop in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: A migrant worker dies by suicide by standing in front of Rajadhani Express at Ramagudam Railway Station in Peddapalli district. According to police, though the passengers at the railway station raised an alarm, the mentally disturbed youth could not be saved.


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The police said Sanjay, a native of Khaira in Odisha, was staying with his grandfather in Hyderabad and was working in a hardware shop. He was suffering from mental illness and was also undergoing treatment for the past three years.

Sanjay’s health condition deteriorated over the last few days and on Sunday, he arrived at the Ramagundam Railway Station and killed himself. The railway police have registered a case. Advertisement

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