Casting of votes is underway for 24 seats in Bihar MLC elections

Published on : 02:38 PM Apr 04, 2022

Elaborate security arrangements have been made for Bihar MLC elections at 534 polling booths in the state on Monday. Altogether 185 candidates are in the fray.

Patna: The casting of votes is underway for the Bihar Legislative Council election for 24 local authority constituencies on Monday and it will be completed at 4 pm in the evening. The Election Commission has set up 534 polling booths in Bihar for the MLC elections. Altogether 185 candidates are vying for MLCs posts in the election. The total number of electors for the MLC elections in Bihar is 32,0116. Among them, female voters are more than male voters. The strength of women voters is 69,360 whereas 62,747 are male voters. The fourteen candidates belonging to the Saharsa-Madhepura-Supaul constituency are the highest whereas Bhojpur-Buxar- constituency has just two candidates contesting the Bihar MLC elections.


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The casting of votes is being done by ballot papers and voters are using violet color sketch pens to exercise their franchise. The counting of votes will take place on April 7 besides the announcement of results thereafter. In this year's Bihar MLC elections, with the joining of several Nagar Panchayats with Municipal Corporations, the number of voters has been reduced to 6,000. The total number of voters for the Bihar MLC election is expected to be 1,32,000.

The National Democratic Alliance (NDA) partners have fielded altogether 24 candidates in the Bihar MLC elections, in which BJP has 12, JDU (11) and one seat has been allotted to RLSP. The RJD has fielded 23 candidates and one seat the party has given to its alliance partner CPI. The Congress is contesting elections in 16 seats. Advertisement

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